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Contact Information

Jennifer Cunningham
Aquatic Science Teacher
Pasadena Memorial High School
4410 Crenshaw Road
Pasadena, Texas 77504
Phone: (713) 740-0390
Fax: (713) 740-4156
jcunningham@pasadenaisd.org jcunningham@sciencerule.com

Welcome to ScienceRule.com

Science Rule has been designed for students to grow and have the learning capabilities beyond the classroom setting. Our inspiration is to help as many students as possible. The heart of Science Rule is in fact the "aquatic science class" section. In this particular section there are tons of neat features such as: latest assignment information, monthly calendar, tutoring hours, daily work, helpful hints on testing, and much more. If you have any questions, you can contact Miss. Cunningham by email directly.

Miss. Cunningham's email address is: jcunningham@pasadenaisd.org or jcunningham@sciencerule.com. Please take a moment and look around the web site and make sure you put us in your favorites for a quick easy access to the web site. Also, ScineceRule.com is now mobile friendly.


This web site was created for educational enrichment. It is not affiliated with Pasadena Independent School District or Pasadena Memorial High School. The web site is managed by the administered web master that was hired by the teacher (Miss J. Cunningham). Pasadena Independent School District or Pasadena Memorial High School is not responsible for any financial or maintenance of the web site and does not have any affiliation with http://www.sciencerule.com .