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Contact Information

Jennifer Cunningham
Aquatic Science Teacher
Pasadena Memorial High School
4410 Crenshaw Road
Pasadena, Texas 77504
Phone: (713) 740-0390
Fax: (713) 740-4156
jcunningham@pasadenaisd.org jcunningham@sciencerule.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the late work policy?
If students do not turn in an assignment on the day that it is due, the assignment becomes late. As per department policy when turning in any late work, points will be taken off. Late work will only be accepted within ONE day of the original due date and with a starting grade of 70. Once the grading period has passed for that assignment, it will not be accepted. Please see me for extenuating circumstances.

It will be to your advantage to turn your work in on time. Deadlines will be announced in class. It is the student's responsibility to check with Miss Cunningham about any deadlines if students are not sure on when an assignment is due or is absent.

What is the make-up policy?
You are responsible to go to the make up work hanging organizer by the student center to get any make up work. You will be also be able to get class work information on www.sciencerule.com

What is Miss Cunningham’s contact information?

  • My work number is 713-740-0390
  • My work email is jcunningham@pasadenaisd.org
  • My personal email is jcunningham@sciencerule.com
  • My conference period is 2nd period.
  • My classroom is room 333 at the Pasadena Memorial High School.

What if my child’s grade is low?
Usually, there are limited reasons why a child’s grade is low. Students must turn in all work in order to receive credit for completely the work. This means that it must be on time and with the proper heading (name, date and period). In addition, students must study for upcoming test. Students are aware of test days usually at least 2 days prior to testing and are always given a review which is written directly from the test. Lastly, if students do not understand the topics and are not seeking information, their grades will often suffer. My suggestion would be to make sure all work is turned in on time, study for test and come to tutoring.

What is Miss. Cunningham's tutoring time?

Miss Cunningham offers tutoring for students every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30pm to 3:15pm and by appointment. However, Miss Cunningham is often available other days/times. Students are responsible to look at the tutoring sign by the classroom door for weekly schedule. If a student would like to meet another day or in the morning, he/she can check with Miss Cunningham to see if available.

Tutoring is offered in Miss Cunningham's classroom which is located in room 333 at Pasadena Memorial High School.

What is the bell schedule?

There are two main bell schedules: "Regular Bell Schedule" and "Homeroom Bell Schedule". If you have any questions on the bell schedule of the day, please contact the office at Pasadena Memorial High School.

What is the school calendar?
Each year, Pasadena Independent School District agrees to a school calendar for the next year. Please click here to see PISD school calendar for detail schedule of holidays, early release, TAKS and STAAR days, graduation and other important dates.

Who is my child’s assistant principal?
Each student is assigned to an assistant principal. Assistant principals are assigned by grade level. Please click here for PISD faculty link for information.

Who is my child’s counselor?
Each student is assigned to a counselor. The counselor helps the student in variety of areas including class scheduling, state test preparations such as the SAT and the ACT, future plans after graduation, personal concerns. Please click here for PISD faculty to see listing for counselors, and their responsibilities.

What are the topics that will be discussed in Aquatics this year?
There are many topics discussed during the school year.  The following topics is the main topics discussed in Aquatics:

  • Arthropoda
  • Cnidarian
  • Crustacea
  • Echinodermata
  • Explorers of Ocean
  • Fish and Fishing
  • History of Equipment
  • Hurricanes
  • Life Zones and Environments
  • Marine Algae
  • Marine Birds
  • Marine Mammals
  • Marine Reptiles
  • Mollusca
  • Oceanography
  • Phytoplankton
  • Proifera
  • Safety
  • Sharks
  • Water Quality
  • Zooplankton

What is a Floater Teacher?
Though there are minimum floaters at PISD, student may hear the term "floater teacher." However, in case you need clarity on what a floater teacher is, I would like to explain what a floater teacher is and why it happens. With any fast rate student population, space and amount of classrooms becomes a concern. There is a higher demand of teachers so the class size can be at a minimum. However, there are often not enough classrooms available to meet the growth demand of the school. Therefore, there are more teachers than classroom available.

So some teachers have not been assigned to one classroom which they can call their own classroom for the year. Floater teachers have been assigned different classrooms for each period. Floater teachers use classrooms that the permanent teacher has conference and is not using the classroom for the period. Some floating teachers have carts that they are able to place their teaching supplies on as they travel from one classroom to another.