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Contact Information

Jennifer Cunningham
Aquatic Science Teacher
Pasadena Memorial High School
4410 Crenshaw Road
Pasadena, Texas 77504
Phone: (713) 740-0390
Fax: (713) 740-4156
jcunningham@pasadenaisd.org jcunningham@sciencerule.com

Tutoring Hours

Miss Cunningham offers tutoring for students every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30pm to 3:15pm and by appointment. If a student would like to meet another day or in the morning, he/she can check the tutoring board by the Texas flag in the classroom. This is updated each week based on Miss Cunningham’s commitments to meetings, trainings etc. Miss Cunningham is often available more than just the official tutoring times.

Tutoring is offered in Miss Cunningham's classroom which is located in room 333 at Pasadena Memorial High School.